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BRANDING | We secure Customer's Loyalty to your brand by creating an appealing image and a powerful tone of voice. Your brand's image will be so strong that it will imprint itself on your customers' brains and they will automatically think of you for their Future Purchases.

360° MARKETING STRATEGY | End to end marketing allows you to break down your analytics into a visitor-level view. The key to end to end marketing is tracking your full Customer Journeys, to optimize every single of your touchpoint to help you Increase your Conversions. Wich means, increase your Sales and your Revenue.

CONTENT CREATION | We provide all of your content : copywriting, video marketing,, social media, emailing marketing, website creation & management. All of them UX Optimized. Which means that we focus on Improving the Overall User Experience by enhancing usability, accessibility, and Customer Satisfaction. It will allow you stand out and Retain Customers.

AUTOMATION | We define automation as the creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services. It will help you Save Time, Increase Quality of your delivery and your Productivity, improve employee and customer satisfaction, and Reduce Costs.

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You start

from Scratch

  • We create your image
  • We implement your marketing strategy
  • We build your digital channels
  • We create your content
  • We provide digital dashboards to follow your metrics
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YOU need to

Increase YOUR Sales

  • We improve your digital strategy
  • We create new digital channels and/or content if needed
  • We provide digital dashboards to follow your metrics
  • We send you monthly insights to improve your customer experience and your revenue
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YOU need to

Train YOUR Team

  • We train your team to manage your digital channels
  • We show them how to follow your metrics in order to maximize your sales, notoriety and awareness
  • We answer any of their marketing-related questions


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We're with you every step of the way to create your digital strategy.

From creating your image, to implementing your marketing strategy, to building your various channels (social media, email marketing, SEO, digital campaigns).

We also provide your contents : texts, videos, visuals.

Not forgetting the implementation of analytical dashboards to monitor your performance and drive continuous improvement.

Market audit

Perfectly fitted brand identity

Coherent digital strategy

Seamless user experience

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Companies of all sizes

We also offer our services to Companies of all sizes, regardless of industry sector, who are willing to improve their Digital Strategy or Brand Notoriety in order to improve Conversion Rates and therefore Sales and Revenue

Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

We offer our services to all Freelancers and Entrepreneurs looking to develop and promote their Business, and the Awareness around their brand / services, including Content Creators who want to increase their Notoriety and build a Community and its Engagement.

We offer 3 different packages to help you reach your business objectives !

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After 10 years working as Digital Marketing Consultant, with some experience from the Banking Sector to the Fashion Industry, I decided to found my own Digital Marketing Agency.

It’s now my Mission to turn your Brand into a Legend.

Thanks to its Unique and Meaningful positioning, it will dazzle your potential customers and propel your competitors into oblivion.

"Just as my food and personality,

I like Marketing hot and spicy"

Aurélie Van den Bergen


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Are you ready to stand out from the digital crowd and shine bright like a diamond?

I worked there...


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